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We say what we do. We do as we say. We think in terms of solutions
and make sure to be an involved partner.
We’ve done so over 50 years!

In 2023 our company will have existed
53 years

Aquamoni is a service of IMD, based in the Netherlands. IMD was founded in 1970 and has been strongly associated with the dairy industry ever since. Over time, the scope of work has expanded to include the total food industry, water boards and municipalities.

We have a leadership position in the field of waste water and we like to set the standard, both in the Netherlands and internationally. With our knowledge and experience we enable our customers to produce in a highly sustainable and competitive manner. 

With 35 talented and driven people we work on waste water solutions from our core values: craftsmanship, thinking in terms of solutions, enjoyment of work and fostering long-term relationships.

Our expertise:

  • Reducing product losses
  • Sensor applications
  • Reliable measurements
  • Waste water advice
  • Discharge permits

Our mission:

To help our customers become ever better at optimizing processes and make them sustainable. We do so with quality measurements, advice and innovative, creative solutions. We want to continue to add value to this world, together!

GO Systemelektronik partnered up with us. This is why:

Go Systems about IMD

The purchase of an advanced sensor like ours is only a first step. It requires thorough knowledge of the application to get the best out of the data.

We have worked with IMD for more than 10 years and have experienced that they get the best out of our sensors. We keep challenging each other to take the technology further.

IMD about Go Systemelektronik

In 2009 we tested several smart sensors. Go Systems' sensor proved to be the most reliable in heavy duty circumstances. Its open-source software allowed us to tweak and improve.

Go Systems is a family owned, reliable and innovative company. We keep improving together by fusing our independent solutions.