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Imagine reducing product losses in your waste water by over 30%, permanently.
Real time measuring of specific product losses. Insight into which source the losses are coming from. Online sharing.

Aquamoni software helps the dairy industry to significantly reduce product losses and costs, and to become more sustainable at the same time.

AQUAMONI software gives you a real time insight into which object in your factory is losing product, 24/7/365.

While it normally takes months to find the cause of a product loss, now you may know within a few hours where to look!

If you act immediately you will reduce product losses and costs by more than 30%, even when your factory is fully automated or robotized!

This is how Aquamoni works

  • Measures product losses/pollution in your waste water with smart sensors
  • Combines measurement data with data from your factory
  • Compares your performance to our benchmark data
  • Visualizes the data in an easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Motivates operator, technologist and manager to improve

This is what you gain

  • Up to 30% less product lost
  • Less risk to overlook loss of product in the waste water
  • Significant reduction in costs (product, sewage fees, energy, man-hours)*
  • Improved sustainability
  • Motivated workers and managers

*These are recurring savings.



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Watch how and why we built Aquamoni


This is what an Aquamoni user says:

“Aquamoni will lead to new standards regarding losses in our factory.
We have been using smart sensors for a while now and they work fine. We always saw that we were losing milk, cream or whey but further research to solve the problem would usually take weeks if not longer. With the new Aquamoni software tool, research time is reduced to hours or days.

Within 3 months we have reduced our product losses by over 30% and we believe this is only the beginning. Aquamoni will lead to new standards regarding losses in our factory.”
Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten

Every farmer works hard to bring their milk to the factory. It is in all our interests to waste as little product as possible whilst the products are processed. Especially today, with prices of milk surging unprecedentedly.

We helped reduce product losses by +30% in more than 50 dairy factories

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